It’s time to buy a watch for your kid

How old were you when your parents bought you your first watch? Do you remember what it looked like? We are more than sure that you do. In fact, the first watch is a big deal for any child because it feels like a step into an adult life. Now, that you are a parent yourself, it is time for you to choose your kid’s first watch that he or she will never forget. In this blog, we will share with you some advice concerning the factors you should consider before you make this important purchase.

The first thing to consider is the age. Many parents do not know when they should present the child his or her first watch. According to research, at around 5, time becomes less abstract for kids as they are already able to differentiate hours, minutes, and seconds. Although it is rather challenging for a 5-year-old to deal with an analogue watch, it will be a great exercise for the mind.

The second thing is the choice between analogue and digital watches. It goes without saying that reading a digital watch will be much easier for a kid. However, if you want to develop your child’s time-telling skills, you’d better opt for analogue models, which will provide him or her with a great learning opportunity to master basic mathematical concepts even before going to school.

Do not forget about kid-friendly features of a watch. These include water resistance, washable strap materials, easy-to-read dials, adjustable straps, etc.

Although kids feel like grown-ups when they are given their first watch, the majority of them will still be delighted to get a watch with an image of their favorite cartoon character or animal.

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