Left or Right: Which Wrist Watches Go On?

You might agree that there are so many unwritten fashion rules that determine how, where, and when you should wear some pieces of jewelry, accessories, or clothes. It’s hard to remember and follow them all… And whether is it necessary at all? In this article, we will talk about one of such rules: what hand should you wear your wristwatches on? 

Watches are presented in many different styles, sizes, and designs. They can be as a functional piece of your wardrobe, as a stylish accessory to complete your outfit. Some people prefer smart digital devices, others, on the contrary, are fans of old-school mechanic watches. But no matter what type of watches you are wearing, there is always a question – on which hand you should do it. 

Probably, the controversy on this topic has been existing since the moment wristwatches were invented. Even nowadays, you can easily bump into such a discussion on different social media platforms or forums. However, there is a rule, and it states that the ‘right’ hand for wearing watches is the right one. But everything is just not that simple. 

This rule is premised on the idea that most human beings are right-handed. Isn’t it a little bit offensive for lefties? Fortunately, this rule was updated some time ago. And now it says that you can wear watches on your non-dominant hand. Simply speaking, if you are right-handed, you should wear watches on the left hand. And if you are left-handed – on the right. 

The main idea of such a rule is that you can check the time (or other info if you use smartwatches) without interrupting your current actions. You can write something, for example, and glance at the watches to know the time. Well, isn’t the question settled? Wait for a second. 

There can be a situation when you are used to wearing watches on the dominant hand. What does it mean for you? Are you breaking some kind of a rule? Well, to be honest, the answer to the ‘ What hand should I wear wristwatches on?’ question has more aspects to discuss. One more important aspect to consider is the crown.

The crown is the command center of your watch. This is the little knob on the side of the watch used to set time. Let’s look at this Men’s Vintage Quartz Watch. These three round knobs are the crown. 

If you already have a wristwatch, we can bet that it was meant to be worn on your left hand. Why? Because the brands and companies, which produce watches, have a specific wrist in mind when they design them. And, usually, this wrist is the right one. 

The problem comes down to the side on which the crown is located. There are two variants where it can be placed: on the “3” side or the “9” side. 

Watches, which are meant to be worn on the left hand, have the crown on the side with “3”. And vice versa, if the crown is placed on the “9” side, this watch was designed to be worn on the right hand. Such location of the crown allows you to easily set up the work of watches by the opposite (right) hand. 

As more than 90% of people are right-handed, most watches are designed with the crown on the “3” side. You can test your watch right now to ensure. Luckily, there are watches for left-handed people, but they are really hard to find. 

So, coming back to our main question of the article, we should face the fact that there is no sure-fire rule on how to wear watches. 

If you don’t know on which hand you should put your watch, you may take into account two factors: 

  1. Where is the crown of the watch? 
  2. What is more comfortable for you: wear it on the dominant or non-dominant hand? 

After all, the major consideration when wearing a watch is comfort, make sure to be happy with your fit and style.

If you still don’t have a high-quality fancy watch, you are very welcome to browse through our wide selection of wristwatches for men, women, and kids to find something that suits your tastes, no matter on what hand you are going to wear it. We also have a great choice of smartwatches and fitness trackers if you prefer digital devices. 

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